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Reinvent your apartment home with these easy decorating tips

A home tells a lot about a person. More often, the place we live in can be viewed as an extension of our personalities, of our interests and hobbies. All the more reason to think things through when looking for a theme to govern an interior redesign project. More than complying with some impersonal notions of beauty and glamor, your home’s décor should reflect your own personal style.

The right accessories can really pull a room together and give it a welcoming feel even if you’re not up for a major remodeling project. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Create a romantic ambiance. All of us could use a little more romance in our daily lives so it might be a good idea to add a few quixotic touches to your home. If you’re a dreamy person, go with the image of a garden in bloom and dress up your walls in floral motifs and soothing colors, either by applying lively wallpaper or some easy-to-install joyful decals. If wall redecorating goes against your apartment building’s rules, think of adding a vase of real blossoms, some perky decorations or a couple of colorful throw pillows for a plus of energy and subtle sweetness.

Shabby chic will never go out of fashion. This classic trend always finds its way back into the world of interior decorating as it allows design enthusiasts like us to easily mix a plurality of styles and elements. It offers a great pretext to bring antique treasures into the spotlight and lay emphasis on our heritage and culture. Cottage-style furnishings, antique picture frames or vintage mirrors, cotton bedding complemented by lacy curtains, a striped rug or a pitcher of dried organic lavender can magically remind one of a novel ambiance.

shabby chic living room courtesy of coastalliving

Add a masculine touch. Moving-in with a partner can be a real challenge when it comes to interior decorating. A lot of disputes rise over who gets to dominate the space. Male partners may not enjoy living surrounded by glitzy accessories and rosy décor or sleep in a girly bed covered in flowery linens. Neutrals are a great solution to this eternal gender battle. A combination of cream and plum can covey a powerful masculine vibe, cozy and energizing in the same time. Simple, clear lines and bold colors are key elements in creating a masculine look.

plum cream living room courtesy of

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Swing into spring with flowery home decor

Nobody can minimize the impact the home environment has on our emotional state and comfort. As a fan of interior design and DIY projects, I’m always looking for new ways to enhance the space I live in. But home improvement is not always easy, especially if you’re on a tight budget. One of the simplest ways to add color, style and warmth without breaking the bank is by inviting spring freshness in with some lovely blooms or flowery decor.

Wall decals can do wonders to a plain space, even if you’re living in a rental. You may not be allowed to paint but they will let you spruce up the place with some non-damaging wall stickers. And the effect is just fantastic.

Wall decals

Yet, there is no substitute for live plants and their positive influence on your quarters. Whether you go with potted plants or flower arrangements, the possibilities are endless, depending on your disposition and personality; if you’re the romantic type and want to infuse your home with subtle sweetness, choose an arrangement made of peonies, carnations,  and ivy; purple asters, hollyhocks, orchids or lilacs are also inspired choices if you’re aiming for a dreamy environment.

Lovely bedroom decor

Red roses can be used to render a classic image of beauty and style. There’s nothing more enchanting than some cheerful roses sitting pretty in simple, transparent bottles to liven up a dreary space.

Floral home decor via adorable home

For a more dramatic feel you can use dark lilies or other intense color flowers. A geometric vase of real blossoms placed on the floor may turn your home into a statement of elegance and sophistication.

Worried that your significant other won’t appreciate your flowery efforts? Know there are some masculine flower arrangements that will add oomph to your place without hurting the overall balance. You can choose bold colors and rich textures, not too perfumed or delicate, and place them in simple, clear glass vases or in heavy dark-colored ceramic containers. Lavender freesias, purple iris or cacti arrangements would perfectly complement a neutral design in earth tones.

If you want to go even further to update your apartment’s look, turn to nature inspired décor. Flowery or embroidered pillows, a vibrating, floral-patterned fabric, a chic wallpaper or live wall art can transform any room into a spring retreat.

Live wall

Additionally, check out this video if you want to learn how to make edible vegetable arrangements:


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Simple decorating ideas for a cozy nursery

A child’s state of mind is strongly influenced by the ambiance and the appearance of the surrounding space. Most often when living in a rented home we’re confronted with space issues so when the little one comes we have to make do with what we have. You’ll probably have to say goodbye to your home office and transform the room into a comfortable nursery fit for a newborn.

If you want a happy child, one of the first things you can do is redecorate and turn the place into a warm, bright and peaceful hideaway. Cartoon themes or home décor inspired by the magical realms of fairytales are the easiest way to create a friendly and appealing environment. Use themed wallpaper, stickers or wall decals to breathe life into your kid’s favorite heroes.

Winnie The Pooh Decal

Another way to let the magic of childhood into a room is to use cheerful and refreshing elements like sheer or satin drapery. Bedding and linen in pastel shades of blue, lavender, green or pink can instantly brighten any interior. Give the flooring a whole new look with some soft throw rugs; kids grow quickly and your little bundle of joy will be exploring the floorboards soon enough.

Cozy nursery via veronabrit

As to pieces of furniture, I’d say you need to be practical. Pick durable and versatile items that you’ll be able to use for longer periods of time: a crib that can easily be converted into a toddler bed; a changing table with drawers underneath or some adjustable shelving that will help you maximize space; a comfortable rocker that will make your baby feeding sessions much easier; or wicker hampers where you’ll be able to hide all the toys and paraphernalia later on.

To personalize the room and make it feel cozy you can use wall-cling decorations which are affordable and easy to remove as the baby gets older. Hang the baby’s name on the wall in colorful letters; bring in a nice tall lamp for comfy lighting and a few children’s books to make evenings interesting; and some jolly wall art which you can paint yourself to add positive energy and feeling to the décor.


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