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Best dogs for apartment dwellers

So you’ve decided to adopt …Congrats! Cruising through life accompanied by a four-legged companion is always an amazing adventure. There’s nothing like having a pretty little furry face scratching the door, eager to welcome you inside after a long day at work. Living in a city apartment does limit your options of course, especially if you’re a dog person or you want a pet that’s bigger than Paris Hilton’s bag; but if you feel up to it, you can make it work.

Virtually any low-maintenance pooch can live happily in a smaller space if you see to their basic needs of daily exercise, grooming and feeding. They can be awesome companions for both adults and children, and can put big smiles on the faces of all family members. There are certain breeds like Basset Hounds or French Bulldogs that, due to their small size, can adapt perfectly to condo-living; usually they require minimal grooming and exercise, barely shed and hardly bark with no reason.

French bulldog via Puppytoob facebook page

Bulldogs are perfect for apartment dwellers. They need less exercise and minimal grooming, but they are prone to overheating in warm weather, so you should make sure they have a nice, shady place to rest. Bulldogs can be excellent family pets, mild and loving, and they are known for forming strong bonds with children.

Bulldog Photo credits sabianmaggy Flickr

English Cocker Spaniels also tend to be good condo dogs, although they are a dynamic sporting breed and absolutely need their daily dose of energetic exercise. Plus regular brushing and trimming; but the fuss is totally worth it; you won’t find another mutt that’s more affectionate, faithful, cute and friendly.

Or maybe just the Beagles. Because Beagle breeds have a merry personality and that makes them completely adorable. Curious and comedic, they can thrive as part of a family and will make a perfect companion for children. If you intend to keep them in an apartment, you’ll need to make sure they get plenty of outdoor activities, otherwise they will surely do some damage to your home. Cute damage but still.

However, there are larger breed dogs that can adapt to apartment living, provided you’re totally dedicated and have the necessary time to play with them and walk them out several times a day.

As a proud owner of a Labrador retriever, I can testify they are absolutely amazing companions; extremely intelligent, playful and happy, they will brighten up your days for sure. Labradors generally come in three colors – yellow, black and chocolate and are known for their even temperament and easy trainability.


Very protective and devoted, Westies will also do okay in an apartment, as well as Bichons, Shih Tzu, pugs and other toy breeds that embody sheer delight.

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