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Decorating for two – double the fun, double the challenge

There comes a time when even the most independent and carefree woman must settle down. And sometimes it’s no easy thing as you’re accustomed to having things done your way; even a piece of clothing thrown randomly on the living room couch may bug you terribly at first. But one of the secrets to a happy co-existence is learning to compromise. Even the most stubborn and proud personalities have to learn to compromise if they want a peaceful relationship. In return you get to experience so many beautiful things. No more lonely nights for starters; but you also gain a best friend waiting for you at home, eager to learn about your day or laugh at your jokes, or someone who’s just there in times of trouble. And on the more practical side, you get to share everything, including bills, expenses and household chores.

For some people, moving in with that special someone is just a natural step in the development of a relationship. Others may find it difficult to combine lifestyles and daily routines. Here are a few decorating tips that will help you create a nurturing environment for the both of you.

Adopt a neutral design scheme. Personally, I’m a big fan of white interiors as they induce a state of relaxation and innocence. But if you want to establish a serene atmosphere you can also use decor pieces, rugs, furniture, picture frames or bedding in shades of gray, creamy beige and brown. Or use a neutral color palette as your base and toss in a textured pillow in a fun print or a vivacious houseplant for a plus of energy.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate a few masculine touches. A rougher approach to a design scheme can actually do tons of good to a place. It adds personality, strength and a more down-to-earth feel to a home.

I for one just love what exposed brick can do to a room. It’s a bold move but the effects can be spectacular. It’s a look that many think fit for a bachelor’s pad but it can perfectly complement a contemporary, minimalist design scheme fit for two.

Keep it comfortable and cool. Luckily for us, most men don’t have strong opinions about home décor so it’s pretty much up to us to beautify the space. You must know by now what he likes to do when he’s at home or what his passions are. If he likes reading let him have a reading nook, get a comfy armchair and a lamp, put them somewhere near a window and his corner is all set. If he’s a gamer, make a little room for his PlayStation. He’ll be glad to know that you’ve been thinking about his needs, too.

Remember, it’s his home, too. I know we’re ladies and we need our makeup, cosmetics, skincare and other beauty products, it’s what keeps us looking fresh and glowing all the time, am I right? But instead of having them lying all over the place, keep them looking neat somewhere in the closet or in the bathroom.

Romantic, whimsical style is a definite no – no. No pink or orange walls, get rid of the flowery, mushy linens and oversentimental decorations. Instead, focus more on creating a pleasant, more functional environment that could transform the apartment into a real home for you both.

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Best & Worst break up strategies

If you’ve come to a point in your relationship where there’s nothing but shouting and fighting and tears, I hate to break it to you, dude, but the fairy-tale is over. Start looking for a way out, and fast. Nothing good is going to come out of this, you know, right? Unless your chick gets bumped in the head and turns into someone else, literally I mean, like she gets amnesia or something. Because that’s what you need, someone else.

Now, you don’t want to look totally insensitive, this is not who you are. Just think, what if you want to hook up with one of her friends in the future?! I’m sure she’ll be going around, telling her side of the story. So you’ll have to be smart and act smart about it.

While I generally think that being straightforward is the way to go, women are totally unpredictable. You’ll never truly know what’s inside their heads, no matter what they say. Their minds work differently than ours and you don’t want to push the “crazy” button. I’d stay away from lines like:

! “Dear Baby: Welcome to Dumpsville. Population: YOU”
! “I just can’t take the bad sex anymore.”
! “The problem with our relationship is, we’re in a relationship.”
! “I get so emotional when you’re not around…That emotion is called happiness.”
! “I have a sense of community, and you won’t let me sleep with the community.”

They just won’t get the subtlety of all that. Keep it simple, don’t pull back, and don’t succumb to any kind of emotional blackmail, they tend to go there and you might feel guilty (or not!). Here’s how you dump her…nicely:

# “Honestly? It’s you not me, you’re just too perfect for someone else. He’s out there waiting and I’m in the way.” Leave out the “And I’m perfect for the girl on Facebook.” part.
# “I need to focus more on my job!”
# “I wish we had met 5 years down the line. It’s just bad timing.”
# “I’m not over my ex.” This will get them a little mad but will do the trick.

Or you could just send her this video and say “Especially for you”:

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