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Give your home a vacation-inspired makeover

Summer is a time for outdoor fun, relaxation and daydreaming. And when it’s over it’s nice to have some things around to remind of its beauty, maybe let it linger a little bit more inside our apartment homes.

Whether you want to hold on to your sweet memories or just feel like engaging in a DIY project to refresh your quarters, here are a few inspiring ideas to get you started.

If you’ve had your summer vacation at the beach, chances are you’ve collected things like seashells, sea glass, pebbles or rocks you deemed interesting. If you haven’t, keep it in mind for your next escapade as these natural treasures make great decorative elements.

Pebbles used in home decor

I, for one, am proud of my collection of vacation gems; I’ve brought home little stones and rock bits from Dubrovnik, pebbles from Crete and seashells from Antalya, Turkey which I’ve used as décor pieces all around my apartment.

Decorate house plants with seashells and stones

If you’re looking for a way to add a personal touch to your home, grab a glass vase or jar and fill 1/3 of the way with dry sand; then add a few of those marine stones you’ve collected. They will look fantastic on a shelf in the living room or on the kitchen countertop, charging the space with positive feelings and a plus of energy.

Pebbles collected from Dubrovnik

However, if you forgot to fill your pockets with pebbles and conch shells, you can use the same glass recipient and fill it with sand, but replace the pebbles with a picture of yourself or a loved one. Place it somewhere where it can be easily seen, on a coffee table or mantle, to be sure it makes an impression.

Photo frame from vacation in a glass vase with seashells via modishspace

Maps or brochures of the places you’ve traveled to can be turned into great art pieces to color up your walls. Assemble a collage of your journey logs, travel ticket stubs and maps and complement the arrangement with a vacation picture of yourself and your family. That should trigger a few happy memories every time you walk by.

Additionally, if you like buying souvenirs and pottery specific to certain cultures or regions, such as handcrafted mugs or plates, think of personalizing them with suggestive prints or photos of your vacay and put them on display on a wall or shelf. For little or no cost, you can give your apartment a whole new and invigorating look.

And for all of you mountain vacationists out there: know that a walk through the woods can get you genuine art pieces that will render your home unique in an instant. Gather a few twigs and branches and arrange them artistically in a vase; driftwood can be used as the focal point in a cottage-style design scheme for example, either placed in a vase or standing by itself, or leaning against a wall.You can also pick up pine cones and acorns which you can easily pile into a nice bowl for a most delightful effect.


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