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Inspiring home decor ideas for a cozy pad

I’ve always dreamed of having my own place, a home where I could re-paint partitions without asking the landlord’s permission or where home decorating wouldn’t feel like money wasting. Now when I’ve finally got there, I realize that there’s a purpose to everything.

On the plus side of my journey, I’ve discovered that home improvement doesn’t always call for loads of money; you just have to know where to look and put your creative skills to a test. Vintage shops, thrift stores and even yard sales are great places for finding unique pieces of décor that will add instant vitality to your quarters.

I must admit though, decorating on a budget is no easy thing.

Whenever you feel like trying something new, always find a starting point. Instead of giving your home a floor-to-ceiling remodel, focus on a single nook and make it as comfortable as possible. Foodies for example will love the idea of a welcoming booth and table corner inside their kitchens where they could indulge in homemade delicacies and luscious treats.

Book-lovers on the other hand will appreciate a comfy armchair near a window where they could meet their favorite characters and relish words on paper after a hard day’s work.

The secret to a cozy space is incorporating a few accessories that inspire positive thoughts; artsy elements, your favorite collection of minerals and rocks, hats or any other trinkets that could positively affect your state of mind just by being there.

If you have some nice pictures of your family at hand, select a few and get them up on a wall. They will put a big smile on your face every time you walk by. Additionally, you can get your hands on some nice vintage picture frames that will add even more oomph to the arrangement.

If your bedroom doesn’t provide a healthy respite from the hustle and bustle of the day, then it definitely needs a revamp. Add more comfort and style with relaxing furnishings in earth tones, organic bedding, plush pillows or dreamy window treatments.

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Reinvent your apartment home with these easy decorating tips

A home tells a lot about a person. More often, the place we live in can be viewed as an extension of our personalities, of our interests and hobbies. All the more reason to think things through when looking for a theme to govern an interior redesign project. More than complying with some impersonal notions of beauty and glamor, your home’s décor should reflect your own personal style.

The right accessories can really pull a room together and give it a welcoming feel even if you’re not up for a major remodeling project. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Create a romantic ambiance. All of us could use a little more romance in our daily lives so it might be a good idea to add a few quixotic touches to your home. If you’re a dreamy person, go with the image of a garden in bloom and dress up your walls in floral motifs and soothing colors, either by applying lively wallpaper or some easy-to-install joyful decals. If wall redecorating goes against your apartment building’s rules, think of adding a vase of real blossoms, some perky decorations or a couple of colorful throw pillows for a plus of energy and subtle sweetness.

Shabby chic will never go out of fashion. This classic trend always finds its way back into the world of interior decorating as it allows design enthusiasts like us to easily mix a plurality of styles and elements. It offers a great pretext to bring antique treasures into the spotlight and lay emphasis on our heritage and culture. Cottage-style furnishings, antique picture frames or vintage mirrors, cotton bedding complemented by lacy curtains, a striped rug or a pitcher of dried organic lavender can magically remind one of a novel ambiance.

shabby chic living room courtesy of coastalliving

Add a masculine touch. Moving-in with a partner can be a real challenge when it comes to interior decorating. A lot of disputes rise over who gets to dominate the space. Male partners may not enjoy living surrounded by glitzy accessories and rosy décor or sleep in a girly bed covered in flowery linens. Neutrals are a great solution to this eternal gender battle. A combination of cream and plum can covey a powerful masculine vibe, cozy and energizing in the same time. Simple, clear lines and bold colors are key elements in creating a masculine look.

plum cream living room courtesy of

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Swing into spring with flowery home decor

Nobody can minimize the impact the home environment has on our emotional state and comfort. As a fan of interior design and DIY projects, I’m always looking for new ways to enhance the space I live in. But home improvement is not always easy, especially if you’re on a tight budget. One of the simplest ways to add color, style and warmth without breaking the bank is by inviting spring freshness in with some lovely blooms or flowery decor.

Wall decals can do wonders to a plain space, even if you’re living in a rental. You may not be allowed to paint but they will let you spruce up the place with some non-damaging wall stickers. And the effect is just fantastic.

Wall decals

Yet, there is no substitute for live plants and their positive influence on your quarters. Whether you go with potted plants or flower arrangements, the possibilities are endless, depending on your disposition and personality; if you’re the romantic type and want to infuse your home with subtle sweetness, choose an arrangement made of peonies, carnations,  and ivy; purple asters, hollyhocks, orchids or lilacs are also inspired choices if you’re aiming for a dreamy environment.

Lovely bedroom decor

Red roses can be used to render a classic image of beauty and style. There’s nothing more enchanting than some cheerful roses sitting pretty in simple, transparent bottles to liven up a dreary space.

Floral home decor via adorable home

For a more dramatic feel you can use dark lilies or other intense color flowers. A geometric vase of real blossoms placed on the floor may turn your home into a statement of elegance and sophistication.

Worried that your significant other won’t appreciate your flowery efforts? Know there are some masculine flower arrangements that will add oomph to your place without hurting the overall balance. You can choose bold colors and rich textures, not too perfumed or delicate, and place them in simple, clear glass vases or in heavy dark-colored ceramic containers. Lavender freesias, purple iris or cacti arrangements would perfectly complement a neutral design in earth tones.

If you want to go even further to update your apartment’s look, turn to nature inspired décor. Flowery or embroidered pillows, a vibrating, floral-patterned fabric, a chic wallpaper or live wall art can transform any room into a spring retreat.

Live wall

Additionally, check out this video if you want to learn how to make edible vegetable arrangements:


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Jump start spring cleaning with these easy decorating tips

A home tells a lot about a person; as an extension of our personalities, interior design reflects our desires, expectations and perspectives on life. On the other hand, every piece of decor plays its part in our perception of the place. A well-decorated room can induce a state of happiness and serenity every time you walk in; but it can also ruin your disposition for the day if it’s all chaos and uninspired choices.

Minimalist design

Depending on what you wish to achieve, start by adopting a main theme or decide on a dominant piece and build the rest of the decor around it. A minimalist design could be the secret to a perky interior, perfect for a busy professional, yet what do we do with all our belongings? Because as much as we’d like to have only a few stylish pieces of furniture dressing up our walls, it’s hard to make them shelter all the items we collect along the years. One way to have a neat, cozy place while still keeping it trendy and cool is to remove all the clutter. Or better, learn how to keep your quarters organized and airy by finding smart storage solutions. This drawer bed is a sweet alternative to a loft bed or Murphy bed that will save you tons of space while making your bedroom look spotless.

The essential feature of a well-ordered kitchen is the presence of a generous pantry. A cooking mom for instance needs all the extra space she can get and a practical storeroom to deposit all the kitchenware would do the job perfectly.

The same goes for the bedroom. If you’re lucky enough, your apartment is already home to a nice walk-in closet so keeping it neat and tidy is entirely up to you. To make it even more practical, you could add a few extra shelves for keeping the various pieces of clothing separated, maybe add some basket drawers which can be easily fitted into small spaces, and a tie or belt rack for your significant other. These practical additions could really make hectic mornings a bit easier.

Every woman needs her makeup kit at hand, yet sometimes it’s rather hard to keep all the bits and pieces in one place. Think of some easy way to display your cosmetics, either purchase a storage cabinet and place it in your bedroom or get some pretty boxes which you can put on top of the bedroom dresser to hold your accessories.

Cool-Makeup-Storage-Ideas via interiordesigning

Don’t forget about the space under the stairs. It can be an excellent storage solution with plenty of room to hide just about anything. Just have a look at this ingenious apartment home designed by Jordan Parnass Digital Achitecture which combines functionality with modern features for a most terrific effect. The bedroom loft creates space for a roomy walk-in closet below, while stair risers conceal a series of built-in drawers.

Loft bedroom

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Small décor pieces to transform your quarters into a great home

Women always know best when it comes to fashion: an upscale, high-quality accessory featuring an interesting or distinctive design turns a plain outfit into an extraordinary, dashing vision. The same principle applies to home design; by using the right accessories or home décor you can achieve the most spectacular results with the smallest amount of effort.

If you bring in some one-of-a-kind pieces and make them the “axis mundi” of the design scheme, you can instantly transform your apartment into a dream home. Keep in mind that antique shops are sometimes the best places to find unique gems that will breathe new life into your living space.

Vintage pieces can be extremely effective and give rooms a prominent artistic charm, besides instilling glamor and brightness. Just take a look at this vintage 1940s Murano glass tulip fixture that turns the breakfast room into a statement of style and elegance.

Robert Schwartz and Karen Williams for St Charles contemporary kitchen

Don’t be afraid to use color. It’s the easiest way to add freshness and a positive vibe to your digs. Use live plants, pretty blossoms or joyful prints to give that ‘wow’ factor to your quarters. In addition to being entirely invigorating, the place will get an inviting feel, both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Robert Schwartz and Karen Williams for St Charles contemporary kitchen

Make a personal statement in your bedroom retreat with some chic bedding . Whether you choose a sleek, modern design or a colonial look, be sure it complements the rest of the home décor. I just love this imperialist bedroom, featuring ritzy bedding and posh accessories that create a luxurious, yet extremely warm and appealing space, inviting to relaxation and daydreaming. It’s exactly what I expect from my nighttime hideaway: to provide coziness and comfort.

Adding some quirky lamps may be an inspired choice if you want to spruce up the space for less. For a more contemporary feel, place a trendy lamp on the living room dresser or bedside table. Or if it’s a big, imposing piece that caught your eye, better place it on the floor. It will add a sense of depth and sophistication to the room. Well placed and well-chosen, lighting fixtures can make all the difference, being both beautiful and functional. Available in a great variety of shapes and colors, lamps can add a plus of personality and strength to any room.


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Create a luminous home with these easy tips

Lighting fixtures are a very important detail when it comes to home decoration. A tasteful wall lamp won’t go unnoticed if you place it in the right spot. Lighting may add style and personality to a room; it may play a big part by itself or by the role it serves, emphasizing other home accessories. Even small rooms may look a lot more spacious and chic if we use the correct lighting scheme.

Depending on your needs and general vibe of the apartment, lights can go from purely decorative to totally functional. Contemporary home designs created with the busy professional in mind, will use a combination of general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to complement the rest of the home décor.

Crystal chandeliers are a good option for large living areas, sophisticated bedrooms or grand hallways. Considered rather classic style, reminding of a glamorous era long gone, these precious items should gracefully match the rest of the décor.

Of course they come in a great variety of shapes and sizes, and can be adapted to any kind of decorating scheme. A perfect fit for both traditional and contemporary design, chandeliers can enhance the looks of any room, in no time.

Floor lamps are excellent statements of style and character. They can add color, class and elegance to modern home décor. With the hundreds of lamp designs available, ranging from casual chic to ultra-modern, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect accent piece for your space. They can also perform a functional task, just like desk lamps, if you put them right near your favorite reading spot, sofa or armchair. Placed by the dining table, they will convey a certain luxurious feel, especially if complemented by a set of vintage silverware.

Image courtesy of via flickr

Bedside lamps are the easiest way to add a splash of gentle color to your bedroom. The relaxing background they create can have a direct impact on your state of mind. The evening will get quite a different perfume if you dim the lights, letting just the right amount of dramatic shine come in, and play a soothing song for the soul. Let’s see how that goes!

Image via Pinterest

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Window treatments for a fresh apartment home

Nothing sounds more pleasant for me than home redecorating, especially when I’ve got some extra time on my hands. Most often I go with easy tricks like throwing around a few plush pillows or a colorful rug to add a pinch of vitality, or setting my digs abloom with inspiring blossoms. But every once in a while I feel the need for something more, creative and effective yet not very expensive. So this is how I ended up with having new window drapes.

When it comes to window treatments, the selection process is the most difficult part because there is such a great variety of choice, all very interesting and appealing in some way. But as challenging as it may be, it doesn’t make it less enjoyable for those of us passionate about home improvement, right? If your mission is very similar to mine, here are some tips to get you started.

Know your business. To make it an easy process, you have to decide beforehand on a couple of defining things such as style, fabric, length, hanging method (rods, tracks) and other drapery hardware. They are all extremely important when trying to find the perfect fit for your windows, be it ready-made or custom drapes. The big advantage of choosing custom-made drapery, though a bit more expensive, is that you’re not limited in sizing and can use the same fabric to upholster other small furniture or home accessories like chairs or cushions. It will make your rental feel complete.

photo credits Flickr user ooh_food

photo credits Flickr user ooh_food

With the right type of curtains you can either create a modern look or a more traditional ambiance, depending on the texture of the fabric; heavy textures remind of a certain class and sophistication which makes them more suitable for large, spacious rooms while silks and other shiny or glossy materials dissipate a sense of modern style applicable to city apartments.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

When deciding what type of curtain is right for your space, also think about the final effect that you’re aiming for; will the curtain be the star of the room? Then choose some chic drapes in bold patterns or contrasting hues that will make them truly stand out, adding both personality and panache to your home.

Image via Apartment Therapy

Image via Apartment Therapy

If they are just a complementary slice of décor used to shed light on other furnishings, you should go with soothing sheers close in color to the hue of the walls. That should de-emphasize the window and re-direct attention to the accent pieces of the space.

Grey silky drapes

Grey silky drapes

For a more dramatic feel, mix and match different kinds of treatments. If you have multiple windows in the same room, try combining simple panels with Roman shades; it will enhance the overall interior design of the space and provide unity to the home décor.

photo credits Flickr user Posh Living, LLC

photo credits Flickr user Posh Living, LLC

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A “Modern Family” inspires – home décor from the movies

Got used to the glam and glitz of the TV shows and now your apartment seems all gloomy and plain? Well, maybe there’s a way to bring a bit of glamor to your own home.

“Modern family” was one of my favorite TV shows, not only because it was all witty and funny, but because I absolutely loved the homes’ design, especially Claire and Phil Dunphy’s. It’s got some shabby chic elements that make it look so cool, yet real. It’s a perfect blend of vintage and modern pieces that come together to create a dream house for a typical chaotic family with children.

via Pinterest

Even if we won’t be able to find the exact same colors and models as seen on TV, film sets can be a real inspiration when looking for fresh ideas to spruce up our apartments.

Depending on your budget you can start with small accent pieces, like colorful, striped pillows, comfy throws, or beautiful deep red drapes. A high-quality rug would be a welcomed addition to any room; while they vary a lot in terms of texture and style, rugs may fulfill a series of decorating functions such as warming up space, serving as anchor pieces or simply adding color to minimalist decorating schemes. They also come in a rainbow of natural colors so whether you’ll choose an all-fiber rug, a heirloom or a hooked one, you’ll get the desired effect, be it luxurious or casual. Home Goods is a great resource for this kind of home furnishings and accessories. And Pottery Barn has some interesting pieces that will give your home a “Modern family” look.

via Pinterest

Then you’ll want to choose a nice coffee table, a rustic yet stylish cabinet and maybe a trendy plush sofa. Crate&Barrel is a great store for finding unique home décor, ranging from kitchen ware and bedroom decor to sofas, sleepers and loveseats, linens, tapestries, carpets, and much more.

via Apartment Therapy

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Country style design for a cozy home

Ever since I was in college and Friends was on, I’ve been dreaming of having my own house, a place to call my own where I can unleash my creative powers and organize the space the way I want it. But reality tells me that we’re not there just yet. For now, my rental is the closest thing I have to calling a home, so I try to keep it as comfortable as possible.

Looking for ideas to spruce it up a bit, I came across this great design site that features an inspiring remodeling of a San Francisco flat. Antonio Martins, a resourceful San Francisco-based designer, put his skills to work and transformed his Potrero Hill residence, an 1891 Victorian gem, into a fashionable, yet unpretentious residence, offering a great example of fine urban living.

If you’re aiming for the same country-style look with your renovation project, here are a few tips that might get you started.

By using an eclectic mix of contemporary design, vintage pieces and sleek vision, you could re-create the image of a charming Tuscan villa in your own rental.

The country cottage look may be achieved by combining patchwork designs with wrought iron pieces, pine, beech or dark oak furniture, wooden floorboards or stone flooring. Traditional patterned rugs and a whitewashed china cabinet make the best way to invite rustic style in. There are plenty of antique shops around town where you can find charming, time-worn pieces to cater to any taste and budget. Choose fabrics in earthy tones for your sofas or armchairs for a warm and inviting feel.

Your bedroom will gain a plus of energy and brightness if you go for a rustic look. Calming shades of green and blue or soothing cream colors can be brought together to display a picture of simple sophistication.

If you have enough space, bring in a four-poster bed finished in cream with lavish cast iron panels and draped with muslin canopies. Dress your windows in fabric blinds or floral patterns and there you have it: your own French country-style heaven.

Bathrooms in natural flooring, enhanced with antique items – a wrought metal dressing stand, a vessel sink standing on a rustic table or a slipper tub – will add to the whole country-style look.

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Simple decorating ideas for a cozy nursery

A child’s state of mind is strongly influenced by the ambiance and the appearance of the surrounding space. Most often when living in a rented home we’re confronted with space issues so when the little one comes we have to make do with what we have. You’ll probably have to say goodbye to your home office and transform the room into a comfortable nursery fit for a newborn.

If you want a happy child, one of the first things you can do is redecorate and turn the place into a warm, bright and peaceful hideaway. Cartoon themes or home décor inspired by the magical realms of fairytales are the easiest way to create a friendly and appealing environment. Use themed wallpaper, stickers or wall decals to breathe life into your kid’s favorite heroes.

Winnie The Pooh Decal

Another way to let the magic of childhood into a room is to use cheerful and refreshing elements like sheer or satin drapery. Bedding and linen in pastel shades of blue, lavender, green or pink can instantly brighten any interior. Give the flooring a whole new look with some soft throw rugs; kids grow quickly and your little bundle of joy will be exploring the floorboards soon enough.

Cozy nursery via veronabrit

As to pieces of furniture, I’d say you need to be practical. Pick durable and versatile items that you’ll be able to use for longer periods of time: a crib that can easily be converted into a toddler bed; a changing table with drawers underneath or some adjustable shelving that will help you maximize space; a comfortable rocker that will make your baby feeding sessions much easier; or wicker hampers where you’ll be able to hide all the toys and paraphernalia later on.

To personalize the room and make it feel cozy you can use wall-cling decorations which are affordable and easy to remove as the baby gets older. Hang the baby’s name on the wall in colorful letters; bring in a nice tall lamp for comfy lighting and a few children’s books to make evenings interesting; and some jolly wall art which you can paint yourself to add positive energy and feeling to the décor.


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