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4 inexpensive ways to have fun in college with your roommate

Freshman students may seem uninteresting at first; they are shy, don’t know much about college life and play cautious when it comes to interacting with peers. Instead of adding to their anxiety, you could take the initiative yourself, be open, try to know your roomie, and maybe the awkward situation will turn into a beautiful friendship.

Party bus in Santa Barbara CaliforniaFirst thing when getting to know your roommate, inquire about his hobbies and favorite pastimes. Perhaps you’ll discover you have things in common and you’ll be able to have fun together. If you’re both socialites trying to meet new people, think about throwing a party yourselves or joining one off-campus. It’s no secret that these bashes are the best way to experience college life and meet people in relaxed environments.

Plan a photography expedition. No matter where you live, I’m sure there are plenty of charismatic places to admire and go to. Why not make it a memorable day and capture everything on camera. You’ll appreciate it even more over the years when you’ll have the pictures to remind you of those awesome college times.

Playing board games is not just for kids. They can be really entertaining if you’re in the mood for a quiet night in. So pull out that Monopoly from the closet and let the fun begin. Life, Pictionary or Settlers of Catan are also extremely engaging. And they’ve made quite a comeback recently. So you’re safe, still on the cool side.

Start a working-out routine. Besides strengthening bonds, this activity will keep you fit and healthy. You can either work out in your dorm room, there are easy exercises that don’t require a lot of space like push-ups or sit-ups, or you can head out to a local gym, park or swimming pool. Any kind of sport is good. You know what they say: a sound mind in a healthy body.

Or you could have a movie marathon. This is one of the most inexpensive and enjoyable ways to burn a lazy afternoon and evening with your buddies. Or even a whole weekend with the Lord of The Rings Trilogy accompanied by The Hobbit. It doesn’t cost a dime and you can keep the party going with some snacks and nice music.

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Do you have what it takes to live with a roommate?

Living with a roommate is not as easy as one might think. While it’s a must-have experience in college as it’s got many perks attached to it – including weekend shindigs and sleepless nights -, sharing personal space with somebody else other than your partner (which at times might turn out difficult as well) might lose some of its appeal after graduation.

Living with a roommateI think every student dreams at some point of having the bathroom all to himself or listening to the same song on repeat without anyone shouting how irritating it is. On the other hand, living on your own requires much more responsibility on your part and not having somebody to talk to can be extremely demoralizing, especially if you’re a sociable, chatty person. So how does one choose right? Well, it actually depends on your personality and lifestyle; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Here are a few things to consider before deciding one way or the other.

The available budget dictates most of our housing decisions. To keep things comfortable, make sure you don’t spend more than 30 percent of your monthly income on rent. With the rental rates going up and the high demand for urban living, getting a roommate might be a good idea and perhaps your only chance of living in a nice home while keeping household expenses at a decent level. Shelling out a few extra bucks will buy you a lot of privacy though, your choice.

Are you an only child? Then you’ll probably need more time to adjust to living with someone outside your family. Sharing may not come as natural to you as to people who had to deal with siblings their entire lives. Many only children are accustomed to having things done their way, go to bed when they want to, listen to the kind of music that they fancy or simply enjoy the silence when they feel like it. If you want to happily co-exist with a roomie you need to pay attention to what others want and need as well. Being considerate, respectful and polite is sometimes all that it takes to build a harmonious relationship. Maybe even get a friend for life out of it.

As you get ready to move out of your parents’ home, keep in mind one other thing. Home cooked meals may sound all fun and games in theory, but take hours in reality and never taste quite as good as your mom’s. On the plus side though, you’ll be able to keep calories under control and always know how much fat you’re actually ingesting.

One of the golden rules of living with a roommate is keeping your end of the bargain. Do your part when it comes to cleaning and shopping, and make sure you have your share of the rent at hand at the end of the month. Plus, you should remember that among roommates there’s a much appreciated sequence of doing things: it’s cook, eat, wash not cook, eat, watch TV, go out, sleep and then wonder why there aren’t any more clean dishes in the cabinet.

Roommates that have similar life philosophies and share common interests have every chance to succeed in mastering the art of sharing space. That means they understand each other and can relate to each other’s needs. The entire experience gets a lot more pleasant if there’s someone to hang out with after work, help out with the daily chores, feed your pet or water the plants while you’re away.

What do you think? Is it better to go solo or get a roommate?

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You’re officially a grown up…now what?

Now that school is finally over and you’re one step closer to entering the real world, it’s time to start thinking where you want to go next. You’ve probably enjoyed the fantastic mix of culture, science and fun that college has offered and you’re feeling a bit sad that you have to leave all that behind. Don’t worry though, things might get even better if you play your cards right. You’ll get to practice everything you’ve learned in school and build up your career. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be getting nice paychecks and be able to provide for yourself, rather than counting on your parents. Isn’t that a nice feeling for a change?!

First things first: you need to start looking for a nice place to live; if you don’t want to burden yourself with huge housing expenses right from the start, think of getting a roommate. It will also give you time to complete the transition. In addition, you won’t feel lonely, you’ll have someone to look after the house when you’re not around and you’ll be able to split household chores. Just be sure you know the risks; besides the fun and socializing, shared living comes with responsibilities, respect for other people’s property and personal space and sometimes even conflicts. But it’s going to be a thrilling adventure nonetheless that will teach you much about life itself.

The next step is finding employment. You’ll need to be very thorough, have a strong résumé and a lot of recommendations to back you up as good jobs are hard to find.

Good news though! The U.S. economy starts to look better in terms of job growth, industry and business development. Unemployment rates were lower in May 2013 than a year earlier in 253 of the 372 metropolitan areas, higher in 86 areas, and unchanged in 33 areas, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

San Jose ($69,670), Washington ($63,750) and San Francisco-Oakland ($62,680) top the nation as highest paying markets.

Image courtesy of tt83x via deviantART

Click here to see the average annual pay levels for all employees within the nation’s 104 major markets or here to check out the 100 top-paying jobs in the nation as a whole.

According to a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, industries and occupations related to health care, personal care and social assistance, and construction are projected to have the fastest job growth between 2010 and 2020; total employment is projected to grow by 14.3 percent over the decade, resulting in 20.5 million new jobs. In occupations in which a master’s degree is typically needed for entry, employment is expected to grow by 21.7 percent, faster than the growth rate for any other education category.

So the future doesn’t look bad at all for the new class of 2013, right?

Photo credits: Talha Tariq Photography & Artwork

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Funniest passive aggressive roommate notes

They say the best things in life are free. Well, I agree and may add that the best laughs in college life are free.

As exciting as it may seem at first, sharing space with someone other than family may pose a few difficulties along the way. For starters there’s always someone in the kitchen, drinking your milk, occupying the couch, talking on the phone with their BFFs a.s.o. There’s no way to go around that and it should be perfectly fine as long as you respect each other’s personal space. Respect is a key word in any relationship. And taking things lightly may help a lot too.

The best way to keep a roommate relationship on a sane level is to set some ground rules…and stick to them. When you feel like making a point to your roommie, do it with a dose of humor, it’s always easier to digest. Here are some of my favorite roommate notes, light and funny yet consistent enough to get the message through.

Can happen at the office too:

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Two and a Half Men reaches its tenth fantastic season

CBS had another shot at revamping the show’s success by bringing Charlie back from the dead in the tenth season of the acclaimed hit-comedy Two and a Half Men. But it was not Charlie Sheen that returned to the show; it was actually Kathy Bates who guest starred as the ghost of Charlie Harper. Charlie’s ghost, played by the academy award winner actress, visited Alan in the hospital after he had suffered a minor heart attack. Other Hollywood stars will stop by the show in its tenth season, including Michael Bolton and Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus via The Huffington Post

Charlie Harper got killed in the premiere of season nine, giving the show quite a surprising twist. Suddenly, the series had lost its main attraction. Even more surprising perhaps was Ashton Kutcher’s joining the crew as an “an Internet billionaire with a broken heart”, more like a replacement for Charlie Sheen’s high-living character. Although Kutcher does not possess Sheen’s undeniable charm, he’s a welcome addition to the show. And no one can say that he’s a bad actor; he’s proven some amazing comedy acting skills so many times before; who can forget that dim-witted pretty boy, Michael Kelso, in That ‘70’s Show?!

The series is still focused on presenting the funny side of life, while tackling some sensitive issues like single parenting, love, men-women relationships, dating, getting back on your feet after divorce, family, money and friendship.

Although the ninth season did not boast an immense success from the very beginning, as fervent fans wanted Sheen back on the show, ratings continued to go up, definitely a good omen for the sitcom’s future.

Things are getting better for Charlie Sheen, too, as he’s moved on to a new project that premiered this summer on FX.

Charlie Sheen via quotestree

Anger Management features some other big names in the industry like Selma Blair, Shawnee Smith, Daniela Bobadilla, Michael Arden, and Noureen DeWulf. It broke a ratings record with 5.74 million viewers in its series debut, ranking as the most-watched sitcom premiere in cable history.

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