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Light and easy dinner recipes for summer

What’s for dinner tonight? This is a question that many busy professionals like us have grown to be tired of. Especially after a hard day’s work when you can’t wait to get home to have a moment of peace and relaxation. Somehow, spending another two to three hours in the kitchen cooking does not fit the schedule. Well, I’ve been having the same problem and I think I might have found a solution: quick and easy veggie dishes enhanced with scrumptious dips.

Indeed you have to be bold to try out new recipes on a daily basis, yet it’s all worth it. You get to show off your creative skills to the entire family, eat healthily and enjoy invigorating, home-cooked meals every night. Here are a few of my favorite recipes, perfect for complementing these gorgeous summer days.

Just like diamonds, salads are a girl’s best friend. Whenever I feel like playing with flavors, I go for an enhanced version of the Caprese Salad. I actually combine two recipes to make this dish and it’s my idea of a perfect dinner, both healthy and refreshing. You just need some shredded grilled chicken breast or Parma ham for a plus of aroma, 2-3 cups of cherry tomatoes, and 8 bocconcini or mozzarella cheese. Add basil leaves, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper and toss lightly to combine. And there you have it, your fancy super cool dinner for a hot summer evening.

Put a rainbow on your plate. There’s an age-old Eastern belief that health and longevity depend on a balance of the five elemental energies; and that one should have at least five colors on each plate every day: red, orange/yellow, green, white and blue/purple. You can easily achieve this by combining foods from each category – vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and grains.

This Red, White and Blue Potato Salad for instance is consistent, very easy to prepare and can make a perfect addition to a nice family dinner. Go hunt for some fresh potatoes at your local farmers’ market; make sure you have Greek yogurt and mayo at hand, some cheese and some refreshing scallions as well. Add the juicy bacon and your treat is all set. Either served as a main dish or accompanying your favorite grilled foods, this flavor explosion will make your taste buds go crazy every time you have a bite.

Another exquisite option for a beat-the-heat dinner is Pasta Salad. Pasta salads make cooking very easy as you’ve got the major attraction already in the plate; now you just have to add spices and aromas to push that delightful taste to sublime. Salmon or tender turkey bites are a perfect complement to pasta salads.

And remember…there’s nothing better than a fresh lemonade or icy cold mojito to go with a lovely dinner on a steamy day.

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You don’t need a New Year to make a change, all you need is a Monday

Whether you want to improve something about your lifestyle, your job or your wellbeing, the opportunities are endless, you just need to make a plan and stick to it. You don’t need a New Year to make a change, all you need is a Monday.

Along with other challenging resolutions like quitting smoking and eating healthier foods, losing weight is highly popular amidst people of all ages. The truth is we all strive to look and feel better so each January, gyms are packed with people eager to take action on this resolution. However, according to Time Magazine, 60% of gym memberships go unused and attendance is usually back to normal by mid-February. They say we are lazy but I think it’s much more than that, exercising is hard to fit in a busy schedule, with long office hours and exhausting household chores taking up most of our free time. What if there was a simpler way to stay fit? And have fun in the same time.

In a video that has now gone viral, famed TV reporter, Ben Aaron, came up with an awesome idea which is adaptable to many lifestyles: dance your way to school, work, the grocery store or wherever life might take you next. Because everybody can dance, right?

Furthermore, our cities are stocked with healthy alternatives for shedding the pounds, you just have to find your happy place, discover a workout that works best for you, whether it’s relaxing yoga classes, energetic Zumba or replenishing Pilates. Zumba is my personal favorite, a calorie-burning dance-fitness party that will have you movin’, rockin’ and shakin’ the weight off in no time, on stimulating music rhythms:

If you were to choose a particular song to work out to, what would it be? I’ve chosen Flo Rida’s Wild Ones for this morning’s dance session:

Oh and dance like no one’s watching!

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