How to create an inspiring home office

11 Jul

As work seems to follow us everywhere these days, even at home, it’s important to build a nurturing environment so that we can give the best of ourselves. Whether you’re a web designer, a creative writer or a dedicated artist, you’ll love the idea of a cozy working nook within the comfort of your own home.

Unless you’re living in a classy mansion and you have an entire room to transform into a home office, creating a stimulating workstation in a city apartment comes with its challenges. Most renters are constantly faced with the space issue when decorating a rental home, and trying to fit in a massive desk does not make it easier. Multi-functional pieces may turn out to be life-savers in this case. Hit the flea markets or local thrift shops and find a solid armoire which you can easily revamp and turn into a great home office. As they come with many drawers and shelves, they provide lots of storage space; and what’s even better, when you’re done with your work, simply close the doors and you’re back home.

If you want to build a conventional working space, focus on delineating your environment. You can apply a fresh coat of paint onto a wall, a different color than the other walls of the room for an enhanced separation effect, and mount a few wooden shelves for holding documents, books or anything else you might need for your work. Repainting can be done in a day for very cheap, and your eyes will totally thank you. Just don’t forget to ask permission from your landlord first.

If you want to do it right, put your desk near a window as there’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying natural lighting as well as a nice view. Fresh air can do wonders on your morale; it helps productivity and makes you feel more at ease while working. For an energy boost, add a couple of oxygen-generating plants to your working space. And a really comfortable chair.

Decorating is key in making the workplace a low-stress environment. Incorporate a few personal elements, a photo of your loved ones, a calendar and your daily to-do list. This will also help you keep things organized. Don’t forget to cross off tasks as you see them done. Seeing all those things completed can give you a great feeling of accomplishment, acting as a sort of confidence booster. At least that’s how it works for me.

Certain colors are inspiring and make people feel more relaxed. Experts say purple is extremely stimulating when used in office design as it fosters creativity and meditation. Bring in a beautiful lavender vase, a lamp or a photo frame in this vibrant hue; just make sure you use it with moderation, so that you keep the mood tranquil and comforting.


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2 responses to “How to create an inspiring home office

  1. essenziale-hd

    July 11, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    Thank you for this post, I really need to organise my working space at home! You gave me some wonderful ideas 🙂

  2. ayjeebee

    July 16, 2013 at 6:42 am

    Lovely post. I love the first one the best, though the one with the windows is very becoming of my own preferences. Thank you


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