You’re officially a grown up…now what?

04 Jul

Now that school is finally over and you’re one step closer to entering the real world, it’s time to start thinking where you want to go next. You’ve probably enjoyed the fantastic mix of culture, science and fun that college has offered and you’re feeling a bit sad that you have to leave all that behind. Don’t worry though, things might get even better if you play your cards right. You’ll get to practice everything you’ve learned in school and build up your career. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be getting nice paychecks and be able to provide for yourself, rather than counting on your parents. Isn’t that a nice feeling for a change?!

First things first: you need to start looking for a nice place to live; if you don’t want to burden yourself with huge housing expenses right from the start, think of getting a roommate. It will also give you time to complete the transition. In addition, you won’t feel lonely, you’ll have someone to look after the house when you’re not around and you’ll be able to split household chores. Just be sure you know the risks; besides the fun and socializing, shared living comes with responsibilities, respect for other people’s property and personal space and sometimes even conflicts. But it’s going to be a thrilling adventure nonetheless that will teach you much about life itself.

The next step is finding employment. You’ll need to be very thorough, have a strong résumé and a lot of recommendations to back you up as good jobs are hard to find.

Good news though! The U.S. economy starts to look better in terms of job growth, industry and business development. Unemployment rates were lower in May 2013 than a year earlier in 253 of the 372 metropolitan areas, higher in 86 areas, and unchanged in 33 areas, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

San Jose ($69,670), Washington ($63,750) and San Francisco-Oakland ($62,680) top the nation as highest paying markets.

Image courtesy of tt83x via deviantART

Click here to see the average annual pay levels for all employees within the nation’s 104 major markets or here to check out the 100 top-paying jobs in the nation as a whole.

According to a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, industries and occupations related to health care, personal care and social assistance, and construction are projected to have the fastest job growth between 2010 and 2020; total employment is projected to grow by 14.3 percent over the decade, resulting in 20.5 million new jobs. In occupations in which a master’s degree is typically needed for entry, employment is expected to grow by 21.7 percent, faster than the growth rate for any other education category.

So the future doesn’t look bad at all for the new class of 2013, right?

Photo credits: Talha Tariq Photography & Artwork

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