Funniest passive aggressive roommate notes

10 May

They say the best things in life are free. Well, I agree and may add that the best laughs in college life are free.

As exciting as it may seem at first, sharing space with someone other than family may pose a few difficulties along the way. For starters there’s always someone in the kitchen, drinking your milk, occupying the couch, talking on the phone with their BFFs a.s.o. There’s no way to go around that and it should be perfectly fine as long as you respect each other’s personal space. Respect is a key word in any relationship. And taking things lightly may help a lot too.

The best way to keep a roommate relationship on a sane level is to set some ground rules…and stick to them. When you feel like making a point to your roommie, do it with a dose of humor, it’s always easier to digest. Here are some of my favorite roommate notes, light and funny yet consistent enough to get the message through.

Can happen at the office too:

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