Jump start spring cleaning with these easy decorating tips

19 Feb

A home tells a lot about a person; as an extension of our personalities, interior design reflects our desires, expectations and perspectives on life. On the other hand, every piece of decor plays its part in our perception of the place. A well-decorated room can induce a state of happiness and serenity every time you walk in; but it can also ruin your disposition for the day if it’s all chaos and uninspired choices.

Minimalist design

Depending on what you wish to achieve, start by adopting a main theme or decide on a dominant piece and build the rest of the decor around it. A minimalist design could be the secret to a perky interior, perfect for a busy professional, yet what do we do with all our belongings? Because as much as we’d like to have only a few stylish pieces of furniture dressing up our walls, it’s hard to make them shelter all the items we collect along the years. One way to have a neat, cozy place while still keeping it trendy and cool is to remove all the clutter. Or better, learn how to keep your quarters organized and airy by finding smart storage solutions. This drawer bed is a sweet alternative to a loft bed or Murphy bed that will save you tons of space while making your bedroom look spotless.

The essential feature of a well-ordered kitchen is the presence of a generous pantry. A cooking mom for instance needs all the extra space she can get and a practical storeroom to deposit all the kitchenware would do the job perfectly.

The same goes for the bedroom. If you’re lucky enough, your apartment is already home to a nice walk-in closet so keeping it neat and tidy is entirely up to you. To make it even more practical, you could add a few extra shelves for keeping the various pieces of clothing separated, maybe add some basket drawers which can be easily fitted into small spaces, and a tie or belt rack for your significant other. These practical additions could really make hectic mornings a bit easier.

Every woman needs her makeup kit at hand, yet sometimes it’s rather hard to keep all the bits and pieces in one place. Think of some easy way to display your cosmetics, either purchase a storage cabinet and place it in your bedroom or get some pretty boxes which you can put on top of the bedroom dresser to hold your accessories.

Cool-Makeup-Storage-Ideas via interiordesigning

Don’t forget about the space under the stairs. It can be an excellent storage solution with plenty of room to hide just about anything. Just have a look at this ingenious apartment home designed by Jordan Parnass Digital Achitecture which combines functionality with modern features for a most terrific effect. The bedroom loft creates space for a roomy walk-in closet below, while stair risers conceal a series of built-in drawers.

Loft bedroom

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