Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her

12 Feb

She’s been a fun and totally cool girlfriend. He’s been a caring and devoted partner. Why let all that talk about cheesiness cloud your judgment on the most romantic day of the year?! I agree that we shouldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to show them how much they’re loved and appreciated, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it on this occasion as well.

Winnie love

Here are a few funny, quirky and creative gift ideas to make your Valentine’s Day even more beautiful.

Pop the question. Rumor has it that women are hard to impress. They’ve seen and heard it all, they’ve been lured with flowers, sweets and jewelry, carriage rides under the moonlight, candlelight dinners and weekend getaways. So is there something left to make your proposal unique? Well, you might buy a star and name it after her or, if you’re a mere human like most of us, get your hands on a Marry Me lottery ticket. It looks like any other scratch-off lottery ticket you’d get at any local store but when she scratches off the card to see what she’s won she will be greeted with the question Will you marry me? on it. If she’s like any other woman I know, she’ll find it surprisingly romantic and adorable. Add a dinner for two to the equation and it will surely make a sweet memory.

Dulce de Leche receipe

Shout out your love to the four winds. To clarify each partner’s status in the relationship once and for all, get a Mr. Right and Mrs./Ms. Always Right ensemble, whether it’s a pillows set, mugs, luggage tags or t-shirts. This is a fabulous gift for couples who know the truth – and dig the humor!

Pillows set

Vintage love tastes better. The truth is women love gifts, glittery, pleasantly fragranced or practical, any kind of gift that has some positive karma attached to it. But if you’re looking for a seriously impressive and unique token of your love, go with vintage jewelry. That’s also Ivanka Trump’s idea of a perfect gift for Valentine’s, according to “I’m making it increasingly difficult for my husband to buy me things. I have a jewelry line, a clothing line, a shoe line, and a handbag line, so he has to either go the vintage route or go completely outside of the box.”

Vintage necklace

For other great ideas on how to bring romanticism into your own home, check out this great post on Blogoteque.

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