Small décor pieces to transform your quarters into a great home

08 Feb

Women always know best when it comes to fashion: an upscale, high-quality accessory featuring an interesting or distinctive design turns a plain outfit into an extraordinary, dashing vision. The same principle applies to home design; by using the right accessories or home décor you can achieve the most spectacular results with the smallest amount of effort.

If you bring in some one-of-a-kind pieces and make them the “axis mundi” of the design scheme, you can instantly transform your apartment into a dream home. Keep in mind that antique shops are sometimes the best places to find unique gems that will breathe new life into your living space.

Vintage pieces can be extremely effective and give rooms a prominent artistic charm, besides instilling glamor and brightness. Just take a look at this vintage 1940s Murano glass tulip fixture that turns the breakfast room into a statement of style and elegance.

Robert Schwartz and Karen Williams for St Charles contemporary kitchen

Don’t be afraid to use color. It’s the easiest way to add freshness and a positive vibe to your digs. Use live plants, pretty blossoms or joyful prints to give that ‘wow’ factor to your quarters. In addition to being entirely invigorating, the place will get an inviting feel, both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Robert Schwartz and Karen Williams for St Charles contemporary kitchen

Make a personal statement in your bedroom retreat with some chic bedding . Whether you choose a sleek, modern design or a colonial look, be sure it complements the rest of the home décor. I just love this imperialist bedroom, featuring ritzy bedding and posh accessories that create a luxurious, yet extremely warm and appealing space, inviting to relaxation and daydreaming. It’s exactly what I expect from my nighttime hideaway: to provide coziness and comfort.

Adding some quirky lamps may be an inspired choice if you want to spruce up the space for less. For a more contemporary feel, place a trendy lamp on the living room dresser or bedside table. Or if it’s a big, imposing piece that caught your eye, better place it on the floor. It will add a sense of depth and sophistication to the room. Well placed and well-chosen, lighting fixtures can make all the difference, being both beautiful and functional. Available in a great variety of shapes and colors, lamps can add a plus of personality and strength to any room.


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2 responses to “Small décor pieces to transform your quarters into a great home

  1. pieter

    February 17, 2013 at 5:11 am

    No matter what others say, I think it is still interesting and useful maybe necessary to improve some minor things


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