Create a luminous home with these easy tips

01 Feb

Lighting fixtures are a very important detail when it comes to home decoration. A tasteful wall lamp won’t go unnoticed if you place it in the right spot. Lighting may add style and personality to a room; it may play a big part by itself or by the role it serves, emphasizing other home accessories. Even small rooms may look a lot more spacious and chic if we use the correct lighting scheme.

Depending on your needs and general vibe of the apartment, lights can go from purely decorative to totally functional. Contemporary home designs created with the busy professional in mind, will use a combination of general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to complement the rest of the home décor.

Crystal chandeliers are a good option for large living areas, sophisticated bedrooms or grand hallways. Considered rather classic style, reminding of a glamorous era long gone, these precious items should gracefully match the rest of the décor.

Of course they come in a great variety of shapes and sizes, and can be adapted to any kind of decorating scheme. A perfect fit for both traditional and contemporary design, chandeliers can enhance the looks of any room, in no time.

Floor lamps are excellent statements of style and character. They can add color, class and elegance to modern home décor. With the hundreds of lamp designs available, ranging from casual chic to ultra-modern, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect accent piece for your space. They can also perform a functional task, just like desk lamps, if you put them right near your favorite reading spot, sofa or armchair. Placed by the dining table, they will convey a certain luxurious feel, especially if complemented by a set of vintage silverware.

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Bedside lamps are the easiest way to add a splash of gentle color to your bedroom. The relaxing background they create can have a direct impact on your state of mind. The evening will get quite a different perfume if you dim the lights, letting just the right amount of dramatic shine come in, and play a soothing song for the soul. Let’s see how that goes!

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