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13 Sep

Interior decorating can be really fun, especially if you possess some creative skills and an eye for detail. The simplest way to add character and cheerfulness to your quarters is by playing with color; you’ll have amazing results every time, without putting in too much effort; just let you imagination run wild.

For a most fantastic effect, throw in a couple of  boldly patterned pillows and blankets. Sounds like fun, right? Color is inspiring; it can make a gloomy day look brighter all of a sudden, and it will most definitely improve the aesthetics of your rental.

Connecticut Bedroom eclectic bedroom

Pillows can be very stylish and, when used in combination with beautiful rugs and joyful blankets, they can do wonders for your apartment scene. To stay on the safe side, choose a soft palette of colors. Accessories in light shades and colors generally add a note of coziness and simple beauty. Just imagine sitting in that perfect spot near the window, sipping on a tall cup of chai, covered in a warm woolen blanket on a cool autumn day. Isn’t that a nice picture?

Soledad Alzaga Interior Design eclectic living room

But if it’s a bit of edginess that you’re after, you should go with bright contrasting colors and rough textures. That should certainly make your living room feel more vivid.

Living Room Chic contemporary living room

Then think about your bedroom. Isn’t that your sanctuary, the one place where you can sit back, relax and forget all about your worries? Then it should be welcoming and warm, and more importantly in tone with your personality. Sheets, quilts and pillowcases in shades of taupe and vanilla will always create a calming atmosphere. If you want to add a touch of playfulness and joy to the décor, you may throw in a nice blanket in shades of pink or green, or maybe geranium red. That would look nice.

Master Bedroom eclectic bedroom
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